Villa Palladiana

02_luxury-villa-frontThe palladian styled, Villa Moro Malipiero, now owned by the Rigoni Savioli noble family, was commissioned by Nicolò Malipiero in 1557. On the front there are four Ionic order semi-columns. On the ground floor there is a splendid cap vaulted cellar. The ball room, which once occupied both floors of the central part of the house, was divided after the French Revolution leaving the top half intact, while the bottom was divided into 5 portions. The property sits on 20,000 sq m of land with a garden, three orchards, a thermal water well, a Colombara tower, and various barns. Another architectural jewel is the still consecrated chapel. Many of the rooms contain frescoes by Gian Battista Zelotti, student of Veronese. The paladin floors are original Venetian with a single cast.

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